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A professional-looking website with very small loading time can make the difference for the visitors generating customer acquisition, contracts and thus increase profits. We know the secrets for visual and technical aspects and we are experts in making premium web sites showcasing the activity, products or services. You’re in the right place right now!

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    A Web Design Agency with Google partnership

    Web Design Agency with certified developers, premium graphic designs and SEO optimization by the book! Your site is a powerful tool for building your online image. Do you want a professional site with fast loading speed? You are in the right place. You’re in good hands!

    Do you want a new website?

    The first impression matters! It’s 2019 and you don’t have a website?

    If you have not already noticed, your competition on the internet and it seems like they go pretty well. There is no justification for the lack of your presence on the internet!

    In order to receive the full charge of a website, choosing the appropriate strategy is crucial. Your website is a powerful tool through which build a solid brand. A solid brand and attract new customers. Our developers always choose to work with the latest technologies (PHP7,HTML5 and CSS3) as a product of the highest quality, with original design and extensive functionalities.

    Web Design Agency

    Maybe you have an old website from prehistoric times and technologies? depasit de vremuri si tehnologii?

    Web Design si creare site

    Even sites in need of “surgery” aesthetics

    • We transform your website into a responsive experience

    • On-page SEO optimization with high PageSpeed rank and fast indexing from Google and other search engines

    • Transform and optimize text and graphics for easy reading

    • Ultra fast loading through advanced optimizations

    As part of our webdesign process, we ask our customers to complete our web design questionnaire at the beginning of the collaboration.

    We need to know as much information about our client’s business and the site we ask for to determine what type of website we should develop for them and the features they should have. By completing the webdesign questionnaire, we can determine what web design options are best suited for each client and which of our web design services could best use them.

    Global Web Design Agency

    On your mobile, your site visitors see an elegant interface

    Responsive Web Design
    • Each page gets a friendly and unique URL that allows visitors to read the content of the site more easily

    • Text and graphics content is managed in one place and you save precious time when you edit multiple pages with same content

    • It decreases risk of being displayed on the mobile phone screen wrong and thus losing potential clients

    • It is no longer necessary to redirect visitors to other pages created specifically for the mobile phone screen

    Whyresponsive design?

    A responsive website easily adapts to every visitor screen, be it desktop, smartphone or tablet. A site automatically resize their content and graphics for a wide variety of resolutions in order to ensure that the site is easy to navigate and use on every device

    Should you choose

    Responsive web design?

    60% of the internet is displayed on ta mobile or tablet display

    Internet usage on mobile phones and tablets grows with an accelerated pace and that means a huge opportunity for you. A website that is not optimized for display on any screen and for fast loading performance will lose an incredible number of opportunities. In our web design agency the certified programmers in responsive web design will deliver excellent results for both computer screens and mobile users.

    Win precious time and money

    Choosing a responsive website can significantly reduce development times and costs. To avoid spending time and resources building a separate website from the classic desktop, it’s better to develop successfully online business presence for both desktop and mobile with a single site!

    Google Awards the responsive websites among the first results of a search on mobile

    Responsive design is a mandatory choice when you want to perform on search engines. We provide a single and fluid version of the website for both desktop and mobile for indexing by the search engines and can display content effectively.

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    Offering you a complete web design package

    Our experts will install and configure your hosting package for your site to load very quickly.We work with the best hosting companies in each continent

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    Why let a NINJA do the job

    Our web design agency was founded by 2 young ambitious and very experienced in Online Marketing, Web design, web development and e-Commerce. Combining two experiences and with a team of young developers and specialists in Web resulted an agency that brings performance and proven results of our customer. Google mentioned us as the Agency with the greatest growth from Eastern Europe in Q1 as 2016-number of clients especially the value of managed budgets!

    In the last 10 years we have gained solid experience in Responsive Web Design , SEO performance and to keep us customers happy. It would be a great pleasure if you also become our friend!
    We’re not only Web designers and marketing people. We are your complete digital agency dedicated to Web Design, SEO optimization, create online stores and Conversion Rate Optimization

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