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If your business is not among the first in Google, Facebook, Yahoo, you do not exist! Search Engines permanently updates results and algorithms to display the most relevant sites.
At DIGITAL NINJA we know exactly what you need to do to appear in the first search results relevant to your SEO business with exceptional service.

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    Google Affiliate SEO Agency

    We are a SEO agency that helps online businesses to integrate the best performing SEO services through the most advanced search engine optimization techniques

    Do you want your business to be FIRST?

    If you’re not on Google’s front page,
    how can anyone find you?

    Google Affiliate SEO Agency

    To be profitable online, you need to refine and optimize your SEO strategy, the ease with which visitors browse the site and how well they understand its content.SEO Services offered by the NINJA team in SEO that will propel your site into the top positions in the search engines for searches relevant to your business. Our team knows the keywords that generate conversions and will help you optimize your SEO website around these sales phrases.

    Agentie SEO
    Agentie SEO
    SEO optimization as a book

    A site with relevant content of text and graphics is the key to success to bring relevant traffic from search engines. This is the ultimate goal for which we work every day on the success of your site!

    Search engines are becoming more and more demanding, often changing indexing algorithms. For example, Google has over 80 criteria that counts when calculating position in search results. If you do not optimize your content, it will definitely make your competition ahead of you. Are you sure you want that?

    Outstanding results in SEO services

    At DIGITAL NINJA we are addicted to figures and statistics. They help us make the best decisions and understand the behavior of visitors. That is why our online marketing agency includes only Google-certified people.

    SEO optimization is a continuous process and therefore,
    someone has to watch your organic performance.

    Agentie SEO
    Agentie SEO
    We love SEO optimized sites

    Over 60% of the internet is seen on the screen of a phone. Google has only the top-ranked mobile-optimized sites. Our experienced and certified webdesign engineers will deliver excellent results in search engines by adapting your site to both your desktop and for mobile devices.

    SEO = Profit

    We know you do not want headaches with online! Let us take care of your SEO optimization techniques and have a NINJA close to you in the fight with competition. We know exactly how to attack Bounce Rate, CTR, CRO, PageSpeed ​​and many other indicators that you would not want to have!

    We support online or retail businesses to embrace digital marketing opportunities, email campaigns, automate their processes, optimize their buying experience, make PR viral, present themselves in Social Media, and keep their customers close!

    Agentie SEO

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    What do our clients say?

    Digital Ninja has developed an excellent SEO campaign for us. As professional wedding photographers, we are in a highly competitive field, and competition is probably much more intense than in other business areas. I have always understood the difficulty of the requirements, but the expectations have been far exceeded. Our visibility has enormously ceased,
    beyond the initial expectations. We were extremely pleased to note that our position on Google quickly brought us new contracts as a constant wedding photographer. If you have decided that your presence in Google organic results is a priority for your business, I do not think there are more complete services that you can benefit from.
    Andrei Ganera,

    I have surprisingly discovered that the Digital Ninja is struggling to ‘death’ with the conversion rate. I found AdWords agency became a reliable partner to whom I entrusted the development, optimization and site promotion allowing us to focus more effectively on the operational side.
    Their services have always been beyond expectations and their proactive attitude has confirmed their skills. We continue to record visible monthly increases in conversion rates and the number of customers who call on our services.

    Andrei Ojog,

    The latest projects launched successfully

    Why choose a NINJA?

    SEO Agency founded by 2 ambitious and highly trained young people in SEO services and eCommerce platform development. By combining the two experiences and with the help of a team of young programmers and web specialists, we have emerged an SEO agency that brings the performance and tangible results to our friends. Google Romania,
    said it was the highest-growth SEO agency in Q1 2017 – both in terms of number of clients but especially as the value of managed budgets.

    Over time, we have gained solid experience in online marketing, eCommerce strategies, SEO service performance, and keeping our friends happy. We would love to become our friend!
    We are not just marketers who show random products on the internet. We are the dedicated TA solution in developing WEB platforms,
    SEO and online business consulting!

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