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Selling online products or services becomes the most accessible thing if you work with us. We work with the best performing platforms in the world. Our design puts you in the forefront of competition and brings you important sales.

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    Creare magazin online

    We know how to bring PROFIT!

    Our customers already sell all over the world! What are you waiting for?

    At DIGITAL NINJA, we are committed to the promise given to the customer that efficient eCommerce solutions have to combine a spectacular design with the latest technology offered and most importantly – MARKETING ONLINE integrated!

    We support online or retail businesses to adopt digital opportunities – marketing, newsletter campaigns, automation, shopping guides, PR, Social Media, and keeping in touch with your customers. In the process of creating an online store, we use the latest and most advanced platforms in the world

    Create Online Store

    Performance, Design, Safety

    Creare magazin online
    We’re generating fast sales

    The road from the paper project to the launch of the online store must be short.

    Time means money!

    We are dedicated to turning your idea into reality in the shortest possible time. That’s why we’ve improved over the years the main stages from design and concept, to launching and promoting the online store to the FIRST ORDER!

    From that moment on you will join the select club of those who are successful online. Welcome!

    Unlimited number of products

    At DIGITAL NINJA we build online stores ready for the future. We’ve been able to develop fast site upload technologies for an unlimited number of products. You make sure you can grow your business without paying for another online store optimized for a larger number of products.

    We have developed cache performance solutions and optimized them for the servers we offer hosting. We also use ultra-fast CDN solutions for you to bring in your online store any product you want.

    Creare magazin online
    Creare magazin online
    SEO and SEM

    A shop without quality online marketing does not last!

    Without modesty we state that we have one of the best teams in Romania specialized in optimization for Google and other search engines! We eat  SEO and SEM on bread and we become more experienced every day! We will support you with the best direction for you when choosing marketing strategy and we will ensure that since launch, your site will be a real car to attract customers!

    Complete reports

    And we like the figures and the graphics!

    The stores we build give you total control of your online business by accessing elegant and easy-to-use administration interfaces. You can track real-time earnings, sales, orders and status, courier expeditions and even the performance of employees working for your online store!

    Creare magazin online
    Creare magazin online
    Secure electronic payments

    See the lock in the top bar of your browser?

    It means that on our site you are safe! So will your customers feel when they want to pay with the card. We are a premium agency and in the stages of creating the online store we use the most advanced encryption solutions (SSL 256-
    bit aes) and we also work with the largest online payment processors for data security is the most important for us!

    Grow your business by adopting the most secure online payment solutions and earning time with online revenue tracking.

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    Create Online Store

    Why choose a NINJA?

    Our agency was founded by 2 ambitious and highly trained young people in the field of Online Marketing and online shop creation. By combining the two experiences and with the help of a team of young programmers and web specialists, we have found an agency that brings the performance and palpable results to our friends. Google Romania, said the agency with the highest growth in Romania in Q1 2016 – both as a number of clients but especially as a value of the administered budgets!

    Over the years, we have gained solid experience in online marketing, online store creation, SEO performance, and keeping our friends happy. We would love to become our friend!
    We are not just marketers who show random products on the internet. We are the dedicated TA solution in developing WEB platforms,eComerce and online business consulting!

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