So you’ve been looking to handle your campaigns. Perhaps your PPC agency have not been hitting your goals when it comes to teaching you on how your own account improved and communicating with you, or they were bad.

The challenge is all PPC management agencies seem the exact same right….

Everybody’s a Google Partner, everybody says they increase your results and could save you thousands, everybody has the research create reevaluate PPC management plan.

However, if everyone is doing the same thing, how are?

This is what makes our PPC management service distinct

1) We intelligently integrate company and 3rd party data with your Adwords account to offer you unrivalled profitability.

By way of instance if there are operatives available to reduce wasted 35, we can make custom bidding options that boost bids once your call center has a number of operatives and reduce them. Would you try and find the lead price and save # 2 per direct like success would be classed as by agencies, or would you rather pay more per lead and maintain the 5 operatives which are currently costing your #?

We build custom solutions to your requirements that enhance your business’ profitability not only your Adwords account. You can read here about how we assisted Academy Class with custom automation.

2) We connect your Adwords account and CRM system together to get you more leads and more earnings.

Not all leads are born equal. We can see which keywords generate leads that convert to contracts offline, by linking your CRM system.

So instead of generating 25 sales and 100 leads we can generate 25 sales for instance and you 75 prospects. Better close quality prospects and the people will spend time with quality prospects.

3) We have our own in house bid management systems so that you don’t need to cover 3-5 percent of your spend for 3rd party ones.

Our intra day positional based bid management system changes bids 24 times to make certain that your ads appear in funding and the position is distributed to the times of day. Our solution aggregates information to make certain that your tail policy is optimised for ROI.

4) We are trusted and respected by the best

You can be rest assured that tactics and the strategies we’re currently using are effective and present. Our PPC blog where we’ve written some of the guides shared and was read with the marketing team. Our thoughts of PPC has been featured in many search books such as Kissmetrics, Econsultancy, Search Engine Journal and Smart Insights.

Our PPC management solutions

  • Pay-per-click audits and PPC management
  • Our propriety management applications ClicRank
  • Google Shopping campaigns
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Landing page and conversion optimization
  • Attribution modeling
  • Search inventory management and automatic from stock merchandise pausing
  • Telephone monitoring & offline call monitoring
  • Adwords scripting solutions
Account Setup

The account setup is the basis for successful. We’ve got extensive experience in executing and designing campaigns across a variety of platforms in different industry, from fitness.

We begin by consulting with you and defining objectives and your campaign targets. We tailor our search campaigns aims to maximize your return.

Our campaigns are designed to be optimized with best practice methods and our knowledge. We also ensure that they can be expanded as your company does so that they can grow.

PPC management service

PPC management is a continuous process to maximize the return.

Monitoring is crucial to make sure your campaigns are on target. We work to find ways to boost your PPC campaign to enhance your return on investment.

We produce split tests and optimize tail keywords that are efficiently using our methodology giving your improvements.

Coverage and client contact is a vital part of our services. Report that is easy to digest will provide you the information you want to make decisions on your PPC budget allocation. Our customers have full visibility of the procedure and the campaigns.

Communication and hope

Among the things that we believe sets us apart from other company is that we communicate honestly and openly. We’re committed to creating a return on investment and helping you realize your objectives. Included in our PPC management services keep them informed on their account advancement and customers receive calls to go over.

To be certain our customers hit their targets and keep ahead of the times Digital NINJA strives to innovate and remain ahead of the competition.